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Darlington Holiday Fundathon!


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Recently, I learned about the plight of animals in Darlington, South Carolina. Overwhelmed by the numbers of dogs and cats in their care, the Darlington County Humane Society is battling food shortages for the shelter animals, inadequate space, difficulty providing proper medical care, and other critical challenges. 

Darlington Matilda 

Matilda, a Darlington resident

Barbara Tilton, a volunteer who is doing amazing work to aid the animals of Darlington, shared some heartbreaking truths with me. She explained that the shelter has no budget for pet food, relying entirely on donated food; dogs at the shelter became emaciated due to being fed only one cup of food a day no matter their size or breed. When cat food runs out, the cats are given dog food, which most reject and go hungry. She showed me photos of the dogs with heartworm and other diseases waiting patiently for treatment. Barbara and the other heroes of Darlington K-911 and the Darlington Rescue Team are working heroically to help these animals, but they need our help.


Mulling over what could be done, I decided to put Vet Confidential to work and the Darlington Holiday Fundathon was born. I figured, people need holiday gifts, and the Darlington animals need funding, so for every copy of Vet Confidential: An Insider's Guide to Protecting Your Pet's Health sold between November 15 and December 15, a donation in the amount of author royalties will be made (and if you click on the book title above to purchase, Amazon will make a donation to Darlington as well). A consumer’s guide to health care for pets, the book makes a great present for animal lovers and when giving it as a  gift to friends and family (or yourself!), you’ll give a gift to the animals of Darlington as well. 

A donor has also offered a bonus to make sure we really work our tails off: if we can sell 2,000 books in the first week, he'll make a $500 donation to Darlington!! So we really need to rock between November 15 and 22 - please help spread the word on your websites and Twitter!

Darlington Marco
  Marco has extensive burns that need treatment

The Darlington shelter will take in approximately 5,000 unwanted pets this year alone. The greatest need in their community is to teach about the importance of spay/neuter and to offer low cost spay/neuter. Sadly, in this disadvantaged rural area, many still believe all pets should have at least one litter and that the county shelter is an appropriate depository for these offspring. It is not uncommon for smiling, proud families to surrender whole boxloads of puppies or kittens; many times these same families have surrendered litters the year before. Education is critical but necessary funds are lacking. The shelter’s immediate needs include pet food, medication for the animals, funding to treat heartworm infected dogs (common in their Southern climate), and means to safely transport pets to out-of-state rescues. To read more about the animals of Darlington or make a donation, visit .

Darlington George
George lost his eye to infection


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They must punished whoever done this cruelty. I feel sorry about these pets.

It is so sad to see Marco above and George. I am so thankful for the shelters that do so much good for these poor pets.
I don't think people always realize that shelters will accept donations of food, litter.
I think donating like this seems so easy and we should all try to help local shelters.

save our pets from the criminals. lets have concern to them.

I have a question about your blog. Please email me!

I think it's great work to help home animals wich need care! Respect.

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