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Happy Halloween Story (complete with orange and black puppy!)


So, my friend Mark the park ranger was walking his Labrador, Aedan, in the woods when Aedan started sniffing the air in an agitated fashion and tugging hard on the leash. This was very unusual for him; Aedan is normally a really laid-back dog and it was obvious he was extremely concerned about something that he wanted Mark to know about. Mark let him off the leash and Aedan raced away with Mark following. As Mark approached the spot where Aedan had stopped, he could see from a distance that Aedan had found some sort of animal that was making all sorts of noise- normally Aedan does not get excited about the usual animals in the woods near where they live, such as deer and so on, so Mark knew this was different. Worried it might be a sick or rabid animal, he instructed Aedan to stay where he was and leave the animal alone; Aedan obediently hovered about three feet from what he had found.

When Mark arrived at the spot, he saw what (or shall I say who) Aedan was so worried about:

Brindle pup 2

Aedan had found an abandoned puppy! They were at least a mile from any home, near a dirt road, so it was apparent that someone had driven down the road and dumped this little girl in the woods.

Of course, she was desperately afraid and making all kinds of terrified noise but as soon as Mark wrapped in her in his sweatshirt and picked her up she calmed right down and was obviously thrilled to have been rescued.

Off she went to a warm house, good meal, and a cozy bed...thanks to Aedan the wonder Lab!

And that is the Happy Halloween story of the small orange and black puppy saved by a big black Labrador named Aedan.

Brindle pup 1 

Here is a picture of the hero, Aedan Dog, with his Halloween pumpkin:

Aedan with pumpkin

Of course, they all lived happily ever after!


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awesome story! I really love Labrador because they are easy to train and loyal to the master!nice picture as well!!!

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