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Resources for Pet Parents


Hey pet people, thought today I would share 10 of my favorite pet resources with everyone - spread the word:

1. For cats with asthma, excellent information and advice:

2. To order or read about the mask to give kitties with asthma inhaled medications:

3. Great litterbox to collect urine for testing in diabetic kitties:

4. Fun and informative website to read about parasites and infectious diseases of pets:

5. Where to get free or low-cost spay/neuter:

6. Website to find a veterinary specialist in cardiology, oncology, internal medicine, or neurology in your area:

7. Help with making balanced homemade diets for pets and great nutrition info for dogs and cats:

8. To get free (!) pet behavior help:

9. To learn about feline nutrition:

10. To find an AAHA-accredited veterinary hospital near you:

Hope you all find this info helpful! Here's to a healthy week for all animals!


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Thanks for the links, very helpful for my pet.


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