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Feline asthma update 8/1/09


We've talked about feline asthma (feline allergic bronchitis) before. Just wanted to give you a quick update for those with asthma kitties who are having a tough time with the cost of Flovent. Flovent comes in 3 strengths: 44 mcg, 110 mcg, and 220 mcg. There's evidence that the lower strengths of Flovent can work well for cats, and I checked around: the lower the strength of Flovent, the lower the cost. So if you are struggling to afford your kitty's meds, ask your vet about the possibility of using the 44 mcg strength.

Remember: injectable corticosteroids, particularly long-acting types such as Depo-Medrol, can cause side effects, such as diabetes, in cats. So if you have a kitty with asthma and you are not using inhaled meds (i.e. Flovent), be sure to ask your vet about this option.

If you smoke: STOP. Or at least smoke outside. If your cat already has asthma, your smoking may have caused it and is certainly making it worse. If your cat does not have asthma (yet), you are asking for trouble. And of course second-hand smoke can also cause other major health problems for your pet, such as cancer.


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