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12 Days of...Holiday Hazards, Day 3


On the third day of the holidays, my true love gave to me...CANDLES

For many of us, candles will play a role in our holiday celebrations. Not just for our pets, but for the safety of ourselves and our families, we need to use care with candles in our homes. Many residential fires each year are caused by candles, and some safety precautions should be followed:

-Never light a candle near anything that could potentially catch fire, such as drapes, bedding, or even the Christmas tree.

-Never, ever leave a lighted candle unattended.

-Realize that pets and children are more likely to knock things over, so don't leave them alone with lighted candles.

-Don't light candles in drafty areas.

-Keep wicks properly trimmed.

-Be sure to use appropriate candle holders, placed on a stable surface.

-If you leave the room (or go to bed), put the candle out!

 For more specific instructions regarding safe candle use, and more information about candle fires, you can read further at a number of websites on the internet,  such as this good advice from State Farm Insurance.


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