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12 Days of Holiday Hazards...Day 5


On the fifth day of the holidays, my true love gave to me...TINSEL

Ah, the dreaded tinsel. The dreaded, dreaded tinsel.

To the rest of the world, tinsel appears seems so shiny and festive, so sparkly and happy. But to veterinarians, the very word strikes fear into the heart.

How, you ask, could tinsel (so apparently innocent, so undeniably attractive) inspire such dread?

Well, if you ever had to perform surgery on an adorable kitty cat, usually a young, formerly very happy kitty cat, who is now violently vomiting, severely dehydrated, and in mortal danger, to pull a strand of dull, bedraggled, tangled tinsel out of the kitty cat's intestinal tract, you wouldn't be so fond of the stuff either.

Cats LOVE tinsel. They, too, find it shiny and attractive, sparkly and beguiling. So fun to bat around, and watch the light bounce off. So fun to pick up with your paws, to drag about the house, to carry in your mouth, to take a little nibble, to swallow a  tiny taste...and swallow...gulp...and swallow...uh oh. Now my belly doesn't feel so good, in fact, it feels really really bad.

PLEASE. If you have cats, NO TINSEL.

If you think that might ruin your holidays, that you can't live without tinsel, imagine how your holidays will feel when your beloved feline friend is stretched out on the surgery table, under anesthesia, fighting for his life.

Seriously. No tinsel.



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