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Today, one of my clients wrote to me with an amazing story. One of her cats is diabetic, and this morning he suffered a diabetic crisis—his blood sugar dropped dangerously low after his insulin injection. Another one of the cats in the house alerted my client’s son Ivan in the nick of time, thus saving the diabetic cat Ebony from seizures, coma, or worse. Hooray for this true kitty heroine!!

Dear Dr. Murray,

Yesterday, I got a frantic phone call at work from my son, Ivan.  He told me that our diabetic 16 year old kitty, Ebony, was experiencing another diabetic crisis...twitching, unable to walk, glassy eyes/unresponsive.  Ivan went into the appropriate steps of giving Karo syrup, confining Ebony to the kitchen so he couldn't hurt himself and providing him water and special food.  Even after all that, when I raced Ebony to our local vet, Ebony's blood count was still only 58. 

But here's the amazing part of the story!  My son was sleeping soundly at the time Ebony's crisis began.  Luisa, the 8- year-old calico kitty that we named in your honor, is the one that can be credited with saving Ebony's life!  Luisa never, ever comes to Ivan when he's sleeping.  Ivan knew that something must be very wrong because she just wouldn't give up on waking him by walking up to his face and "talking"...and when she was successful in rousing him, she raced downstairs, as if to say "follow me".  I shudder to think what would have happened to Ebony without Luisa's kitty intuition and Ivan's common sense to react to her summons.

I don't know if you remember but this is actually the 2nd time she has saved the life of one of her "brothers".  Luisa was only four weeks old when I found her amongst a litter of kittens that had already passed away before I came across them.  Her loud meowing drew me over to the drainpipe and I tried to pick her up but she wiggled free and ran over to one of the other kittens...a yellow and white one my son later named "David".  She wouldn't stop nudging him with her paw and meowing.  I was shocked to see him move and realized she was telling him to "Get up!  We're rescued!"

Who could have known that your namesake would continue to save lives, just as you do!  smile

Warmest regards,

The Trembows


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