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Lilies: Not so pretty if you're a kitty...


All the flowers are in bloom, and most of the time this makes me happy—except when I see my least favorite flowers: lilies. Despite their beauty, I just don’t like lilies: nothing that hurts cats can ever look pretty to me. 

 It seems like many people don’t know that lilies are very very poisonous to cats. Every single part of the lily plant and/or flower are toxic to kitties; they cause severe kidney damage, which is often fatal. This is true of all different kinds of lilies. It just takes a little nibble—and we know how much the kitties like to nibble on plants.

Please, everyone, spread the word! Tell everyone you know who has pets. When you see someone buying lilies at a flower shop, make sure they realize that they should not bring lilies into their homes if they have cats, or give an arrangement that contains lilies to anyone who has a cat. If someone at work gets flowers, help them make sure there are no lilies lurking in the arrangement. 

If we all tell everyone we know about the dangers of lilies (maybe we should all send an e-mail to everyone in our address book, and ask them to do the same), then one day no cat will have to suffer or lose their life because their owner didn’t know what could happen. 

And of course, if you ever suspect that your cat may have eaten any part of a lily plant- bring her to the veterinary emergency clinic right away! Immediate care can be lifesaving!


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